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These days, it seems everyone is dependent on technology to some degree. The healthcare industry is no different, and for the most part, this is positive. In fact, technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry in ways we once never thought possible.

Better Treatment Options

Thanks to technology, today’s patients have more treatment options than ever before for a variety of conditions. For example, the healthcare industry is currently working on a chip that can be inserted into pills. The chip ensures the medicine activates the moment the pills hit a patient’s stomach. Additionally, cardiac patients will soon be able to wear 24-7 sensors that monitor their heart activity.

Improved, Instant Communication

Instead of waiting for a memo or a phone call, physicians and nurses can now use social media to chat instantly about treatment options. Physicians also use social media for patient communication and public awareness campaigns.

Faster Diagnoses

Thanks to technology, the incidence of misdiagnoses and slow diagnoses should decrease. New software and improves machine gives doctors a more in-depth look at what happens inside patients’ bodies.

More Efficient Workers

No more cumbersome files; today’s doctors use handheld computers to record patient history, check lab findings, and make vital notes they can access at any time. This also significantly reduces waiting time for procedures and test results.

Less Invasive Testing

Many patients fear certain procedures, such as MRIs and surgery. Technological advances, including open MRI machines and laser-based operations, are helping alleviate this.

Better Clinician Communication

Doctors can now text, email, and call instantly on the job, making it easier to communicate with coworkers, supervisors, and patients.


Telemedicine is currently popular in many hospitals and clinics. It allows doctors and patients to communicate instantly from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Improvement of Overall Health

Many new applications and programs allow patients to check their own symptoms and find out the best ways to facilitate good health, leading to more productive doctors’ appointments.

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