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Technology infuses every industry in our world, but it’s arguably most important in the healthcare industry. Developments in consumer-focused technology are ushering in an era during which patients can take more control of their own health.

Sensors and Wi-Fi Enabling

Sooner than we think, patients will be able to use smartphones, tablets, and similar devices to take charge of their own health. For example, a person with type 2 diabetes could use sensors in his watch to track his or her heart rate and blood sugar levels and to set reminders to eat. A person with cerebral palsy could use a Wi-Fi-enabled alarm clock, smartphone, or other device to complete an appropriate yet challenging exercise routine. This could help the patient stay healthy and possibly extend his or her life.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is another form of consumer-focused technology that doctors hope will be available soon. It would take information available to patients through pamphlets, videos, or articles and show them what that data means. For instance, an obese person having trouble giving up sweets could watch an avatar eat a sugary snack and see the body expand as it does every time sugar enters the bloodstream. Doctors hope innovations like this will help patients change their behavior and stay healthier.

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