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Writing a cover letter can seem like a very uncreative process, but if you go at it with this attitude, your cover letter will probably fall short. Here are some simple tips to make your cover letter and job profile stand out from the rest.

Don’t bother rehashing your resume
They have it, use the cover letter to show off additional information about you and your career that is not covered.

Show your worth
If you’ve done your homework on the company, find a way to include an accomplishment in a past job into ways you can benefit the company in the new position. This shows off your knowledge of your career field and the employer’s business.

Keep it to the point
Employers who are going through stacks of job profiles won’t have time to read all your insightful ideas. Three or four paragraphs should suffice here. If you make your point and make it engaging, you don’t need a lot.

Tailor the letter to the job
It seems like a lot if you are applying to a large number of jobs, but if you are blind sending a lot of letters, you may be missing the boat. Find quality positions, get to know the job requirements and the company and target your cover letters. Quality over quantity is the best strategy.

Send as a .pdf
If you want it to be read, put it in a common format that is not dependent on Mac or PC or whatever technology it is viewed on. This goes for your resume as well.

Make sure to review and proofread
We can’t stress this enough. A great cover letter may not get you the job, but misspellings and bad grammar can absolutely cost you the job. At the very least it will put you at a disadvantage against a candidate with similar skills who takes the time to proofread. At worst, it will immediately move you to the trash can and possibly be the butt of ridicule.

For more great cover letter writing tips, contact a career adviser at HCS Healthcare.

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