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When most people think of going to the doctor, technology may not enter their thoughts. However, the landscape of medicine is changing as medical professionals use technology to help their patients maintain healthy lifestyles. Within the next several years, the “healthcare internet of things” is expected to become a $117 billion industry.

Why the Rise of Technology?

Medicine is becoming more dependent on technology for several reasons. First, millennials are growing up, and they are comfortable using and obtaining information from electronic devices. As millennials take charge of their medical care, they are likely to reap the benefits of telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and technologically-based data storage.

Additionally, the way medicine is taught and practiced is changing. Doctors now look for consistent patterns in patient history and symptoms ways to save money, and ways to treat patients less invasively. Technology provides all this and more. For example, telemedicine allows doctors to get consults and second opinions from physicians who aren’t on their campuses. This leads to more informed treatment and faster discharge times.

Further Technological Benefits

The benefits of technology don’t stop at telemedicine. Today’s doctors rely more on robotics in surgery as well as laser-based procedures that reduce complications and hospital stays. Additionally, technologically-dependent databases mean doctors can easily access and update patient history, which helps them monitor patients both on campus and remotely.

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