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You’ve done a great job so far in the job hunting process to get to the interview round. The big day is approaching, now what do you wear?
If you work in a medical facility, you daily attire might be scrubs. However, unless you know for certain, we recommend dressing up a little more for the interview. Unless somebody else you trust who either works for the company or is familiar with the culture tells you different, then go conservative with your dress attire also known as business professional. In many cases you may interview with healthcare facility administration personnel who often dress professionally.

What should men wear to an interview?
Men should wear a suit, with matching slacks and sport jacket, a button down shirt with collar and a tie. Try to stick to neutral colors, blue and black tell the interviewer that you are confident and serious. Brown and gray are also good choices that represent respect and responsibility. All of these traits (confidence, seriousness, respectful and responsible) are strong indicators that employers look for in an employee. If you do not own a suit, at least wear the button down shirt, a tie and matching slacks. Leather or suede shoes with socks that match your pants are recommended.

What should women wear to an interview?
Women should wear a pant suit or a dress blouse and slacks or a long skirt below the knees. Again, it is a good idea to stick to neutral colors that reflect confidence and steadiness. Pumps or heels are recommended along with panty hose for those who choose to wear a skirt.

Focus on interview attire details
It is recommended that you have your suit dry cleaned before the interview. If that is not possible, make sure what you wear is clean, showing no visible signs of dirt or stains. Do not wear clothes with holes or excessive wrinkles. Stay away from jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts, sandals or flip-flops, hats or sunglasses. Try not to wear clothes with writing or slogans on them as this can be a distraction to the interviewer.

You want the interviewer to be impressed with your experience and abilities and the last thing you want is for your appearance to detract from the hard work you’ve done to get here.

It is also recommended that you make sure to clean up before the interview. Make sure your hands and nails are clean, hair combed. Personal cleanliness is a big part of your appearance.

These are just some of the basics. If you haven’t been to a formal interview before, or it has been a long time, please take these recommendations to heart. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the staff at HCS Healthcare for more specific advice on how to ace the interview and get the job.

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