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Thankfully you don’t have to go on a job interview every day. Job interviews are stressful situations, and you only get one shot to make a good impression and get the job. Below is a list of suggestions to give you the best chance to ace the interview.

Arrive on Time
Actually, you should arrive early to the interview. 10-15 minutes early is perfect. It shows you are eager to talk about the opportunity and punctual. It also shows what they can expect from you as an employee in the future. That extra time will give you a chance to take a breath and compose yourself before the grilling begins. Try not to come too early. If you arrive more than 15 minutes before the interview, it can put more pressure on the interviewer to rush.

Leave your bad feelings about current/previous jobs behind you
The interview isn’t a time to throw your old bosses and co-workers under the bus. Find the positive in the positions you’ve held up to that point. Talking bad about your bosses or coworkers reflects poorly on you and how you may handle future difficult situations.

Be prepared to answer resume/job questions
Know you resume forwards and backwards. The last thing you want is for an interviewer to ask a question and you don’t know the answer when it’s on your resume. It makes you seem like you’re deceiving them, and that’s not good.

Talking too Much
You should answer questions honestly but succinctly. Get to the point and move on. There is a tendency to be nervous and talk a lot during an interview. Relax, and ask as many questions as you answer. That shows your interest and makes the process more of a conversation.

Pay Attention
If you are looking out the window, at your watch or paying attention to what’s going on outside the office, you may miss something. The interviewer may also think you are inattentive or disinterested.

Don’t Use Your Phone
You won’t need your phone during the interview, so turn it off. Better yet, don’t bring it with you. Focus your attention on the interview, not texts from friends, Facebook posts or calls. If you can’t put your phone down during something as important as an interview, will it also be a distraction when you’re on the job? That may be the impression you give the interviewer.

Don’t Dress Inappropriately
Clothes with holes in them, dirty or worn garments, short skirts, dresses or shirts showing too much skin are not appropriate for the interview. This is your one chance to make a positive impression. Don’t make that impression that you don’t know how to dress or that you will be a distraction in the workplace.

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