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Social Media has revolutionized the way individuals communicate and has impacted the job search hiring process. In the last decade, the number of employers who look up candidates on social media has increased 500%. Now that is something to think about!

We want to give job seekers and hiring managers tips to use this to their advantage. Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twittter give employers insight into their candidate outside of the resume, cover letter, and interview.

Social media and personal branding is also a great indicator of whether or not a candidate will fit the company culture. Here are some tips on how to use social media to your advantage.

  • Less is more
    It isn’t necessary to open an account on every social media site that exists. That can be overwhelming and time consuming. Instead, pick one or two platforms that can be kept up-to-date. A LinkedIn account is the most appropriate for every job seeker.
  • Create a personal brand
    Online activity can reveal some of a candidate’s personal life, their skills, and their passions. Each individual can make their personal pages engaging and interesting. Take the opportunity to get creative and make a lasting impression. Share content that will highlight accomplishments and qualifications.
  • Stay consistent
    Be aware of what you post on every platform to ensure consistency. Every post, update, and share should be true to who the candidate is and what they do. Build a strong social network on each platform to increase visibility with a prospective employer.
  • Google yourself
    Be aware of what a potential employer can see online. Remove anything that does not convey a professional image from social media pages.

Taking this approach to your social media use can reap great benefits. Ensure success by being aware of your social media presence and personal branding.

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