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Today is National Nurses Day, and HCS Healthcare truly appreciates what they do!

Nurses go above and beyond in the work they do. It is difficult, and their compassion, dedication, and endurance does not go unnoticed. Becoming a registered nurse is not an easy task. RN’s must graduate from a college nursing program and pass a licensing exam. They have so many daily responsibilities, which include record keeping, administering medication, and consulting with patient healthcare providers. Nurses are like superheroes working in a fast paced environment with so much pressure resting on them!

Here are more reasons why nurses are so important:

They are decision makers
Nurses are required to use critical thinking skill to have the best outcome for each patient. They must recognize and evaluate problems and implement tactics to promote the health of patients.

They are in demand
Nursing is one of the fastest growing occupation withing the United States. The demand for nurses is larger than an other healthcare worker.

Patient Advocacy
Sometimes patients do not always understand the jargon the doctors use or the recommended procedures. Nurses understand and can fight for the protection of their patients’ rights.

Round-the-clock Presence
Doctors come and go between patients. Nurses are the main point of contact for patients. They are the ones sure to be there 24/7.

Face-to-Face Time with Patients
Many times nurses are the ones who can notice early warning signs due to the constant contact with their patients, which saves many lives.

Whether they are on their feet for 12 hours or more, being an advocate for their patients, or just comforting someone with a smile, they are making a difference in so many lives. Don’t forget to give nurses thanks for everything they do.

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