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In the past, patients couldn’t easily access their medical records. Unfortunately, this increased the likelihood of slow diagnoses or misdiagnoses. It also left patients feeling out of control when it came to their own healthcare. Now, technology is making it possible for patients to access their records, advocate for themselves, and better facilitate their own healthcare.

The Rise of Hugo

One cutting-edge way for patients to access their medical records is being developed at the Yale School of Medicine. It’s called Hugo, a secure cloud-based digital platform that allows patients to access their records at any time from any place. Hugo allows patients to pull their records not only from their local doctor’s office, but also a variety of healthcare locations. For instance, a patient using Hugo can no access childhood medical history from a clinic or the most recent surgical records from a hospital to determine if a certain operation will be beneficial.

A New Era of Machine

Dr. Harlan Krumholz, a cardiologist and professor at the Yale School of Medicine, predicts that Hugo will “unleash a whole new era of medicine.” Hugo and programs like it will allow doctors to collate data faster and keep better track of existing records, making appointments with patients more productive. In addition, Krumholz believes Hugo will improve and extend the reach of medical databases, which may provide new information on formerly mysterious conditions. Over time, this may lead to more effective treatments and cures.

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