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If you’ve been getting sick of the ever-increasing cost of prescription drugs, you aren’t alone. Doctors are now joining in the outrage at pharmaceutical companies and their pricing.

The American College of Physicians, or ACP is just the latest group to add their voice, which includes 143,000 internal medicine doctors. They have published a paper calling for the government and pharmaceutical industry to get the spiraling costs of prescription drugs under control.

The article published in Annals of Internal Medicine, states that the US is the only country in the 34-member Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which has no government regulations on drug prices in place.

The paper outlines seven recommendations that would change that and will help control US drug prices. Recommendations include allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices with drug manufacturing companies, as well as allowing the importation of drugs from countries like Canada where the prices are often lower.

Another suggestion by the ACP is that drug manufacturers should disclose the actual costs of research and production of each drug, as well as disclose the prices paid for drugs.

This information has been met with some resistance within the pharmaceutical industry, however.

The ACP plans to bring these messages about drug prices to Washington in May, when they will call on legislators in Congress to push for more action.

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