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At HCS Healthcare we take pride in matching individuals with opportunities for growth in the dynamic healthcare industry. The best individual to speak to our success is someone who has worked with us before. Take a look at some of our candidate testimonials.


I had the pleasure of working with Georgia Silva. This was my first experience with an agency contracted to find and prepare applicants. I felt completely and thoroughly prepared by her. She was especially good preparing me for interview questions, and I have been an RN and interviewing for jobs for 26 years. I felt Georia really did care about me personally. She was so engaged, and it was clear that she really enjoys this work. She and HCS have an A from me, and I'll feel good returning if needed or suggesting HCS to colleagues.


My recruiter is Heather Gallup. Heather has handled herself in the utmost professional manner in our [communication]. Anytime I have a question she is quick to respond or to guide me in the direction that I need to obtain the answer. Heather is definitely an asset to HCS Healthcare and the picture of what an outstanding employee is. Thank you for all your help that you gave me!


My recruiter is Jeff Young and I have to say, that he is a very involved and remarkable person who helped me stay optimistic about getting a job. He even called me after my first day to see how it went, and I was not expecting that. Whenever I had or have a question, he always remind me to call at any time, even if it's something that he has already informed me of that I may have forgotten. [Client] appears to be a great company to work for, and I appreciate Jeff for placing me there. I will not let him or HCS Healthcare down!!


James Wallen is my recruiter, and he has done an excellent job. I haven't had the best experience with temp agencies so I was quite skeptical, but James has been very supportive, caring and thorough. He continually follows up with me to inquire on how my training is going on my assignment and to contact him anytime if I have questions or concerns. I had a few concerns in the beginning, but he has encouraged and reassured me to give it time, and that he believes the job would be a good fit for me. James is awesome! I wish there were more like him 🙂


James was a great catalyst for me getting this job from the beginning. When I first spoke with James I was excited because he was energetic and positive about the situation. I sent him a resume, and he looked it over, made suggestions, and assisted in making my resume look more professional. He followed up with me for simple things and was always available. I have worked for many agencies, but I have never had a recruiter that proactive. I am saying thank you to Mr. James Wallen for assistance in helping my gain my first temp to permanent position.


I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline Casturo for over 3 years. She developed a team of over 10 specialized healthcare recruiters that were solely dedicated to our account; they quickly became our primary vendor, and we reduced the number of staffing agencies we utilize substantially. She created and implemented customized business solutions for our contract labor that reduced our turnover and improved our fill time and start ratios. I consistently receive great feedback from our hiring managers, regarding Caroline's ability to deliver, and I know I can always count on her and her team to get the job done. Her sense of urgency, industry knowledge, and follow through is always impressive and sets her apart from her competitors. Caroline takes pride in the quality of her work and will bring significant value to any organization that partners with her.


My recruiter is Heather Gallup, and I believe there is no other word for her than EXCEPTIONAL! She really loves what she does, and she can involve all of us with that passion, always attentive to even a tiny detail. She makes me feel really appreciated. Thanks, Heather, for all your commitment and care!


My recruiter was Leslie Fifer, and she is amazing. She was always there to answer questions or concerns I had. She called and checked on me and how I was adjusting to my new position. I'm so thankful I was able to find her. Thank you for always looking out for my best interest. She's the best with HCS. I couldn't have asked for anyone better.


I wanted to let you know the most wonderful experience I have had with HCS and Nick Gort. He has been a complete life saver to me from the very first email ... reaching out to me in regards to a fantastic opportunity. The process was very long and tedious with the multiple interviews, both phone and in-person. Nick reached out to me before and after every one to make sure I was not only prepared but was up-to-date with all the ins and outs of the company. He was there at the end to listen to my experience and provide any additional info needed. He is an extremely attentive person to detail, and from my experience, an asset to HCS Healthcare. I will forever be thankful for the service he has provided.


As a recruiter, Jeff Young is excellent at what his job entails. My initial interview with Jeff was pleasant and professional. Jeff placed me in my current position, at a comparable wage. I highly recommend HCS Healthcare and recruiter, Jeff Young. It's been a wonderful experience. Although I am confident that my placement with my current employer will be permanent, as long as I'm with HCS, I have no doubt I will always be a working member of society.


My recruiter is Brad Knight. He has been great throughout this process. I was kept up-to-date during my whole process, and he was very helpful with any questions. He called me the day before I started, and on the day I started, he called me that morning, wished me luck, and told me to have a great day. I feel that he enjoys what he does and wants to make sure he goes that extra mile as well as making his clients feel important. Brad is awesome, and I think he is great at what he does.


Judi is the best! Throughout the whole employment process, Judi demonstrates quality and reliability in her communications. She is a great advocate as she demonstrates professionalism, knowledge, and encouragement to ensure a positive employment experience. I highly recommend Judi Esquivel to anyone looking at career options. Thank you, Judi for all you do!


I wish to acknowledge Matthew Burks for his diligence and tenacity in placing me with the client. Having married this year and relocated to this area, I have been searching for employment in Washington, DC for the past 9 months to no avail. Mr. Burks presented a good opportunity with a great commute for me and close to my home. Mr. Burks is professional, personable, and engaging. He is able to establish a strong rapport with candidates and facilitate the job finding process. He also shows commitment in following up with the candidate once the placement has been made. Thank you for your consideration to this matter!


Leslie was a joy to work with. She was always available for questions and encouragement along the way. I felt fortunate to have her in my corner through this process. I've worked with many recruiters in the past and have never had a similar experience. Just wanted to let you know that I think she's amazing!


Crystal Justice is very pleasant and engaging on the phone, and it has been a pleasure working with her. Cyrstal outdid herself the other day to help guide me to my interview by directing me from her desktop computer. When I still couldn't find it, she came to my location and took me to my interview, as I had locked my keys in the car. I was only able to complete my interview because of her generosity and compassion. I am so appreciative of all her efforts.

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