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The job market is extremely competitive, especially with the recent economic troubles. If you have a generic resume that doesn’t appeal to a hiring manager, you have a good chance of being forgotten. This is why HCS Healthcare recommends that you tailor your resume to the job for which you are applying.

Write the resume from the job description
What does tailoring your resume mean? It means you need to have a resume that is specific to the job title. For example, say you are applying for a job as an Emergency Room Nurse. You have worked in this section of the nursing field for a number of years. You want to show that you have the experience and talent for the position. However, you send a general resume that speaks broadly about your nursing background. What do you think will happen if another candidate with similar qualifications applies for the same position with a resume that shows off their emergency room experience?

If you want the job, you need to write your resume for the position. In the tailored resume talk about your specific qualifications that are a perfect match for the position. List accomplishments and awards that you received in the position. If the position you are applying for is an area of expertise, then that should be the major idea in your resume. If you spend the majority of space in your resume talking about another position not related to the position you are applying for, you may lose out.

Use job-specific terminology in the resume
When writing your resume, use keywords and terminology that match the job description. Make sure that your resume job titles clearly stated and use terminology for the title. Many job resources use a keyword search process that looks through the volumes of resumes the receive to find that content and keywords that best match their needs. If you do not have the right language that is aligned with the job title in your resume, you may lose out to others who do.

For more information on tailoring your resume, call us directly at 800.708.0605 for personal assistance.

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