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Our interview process is thorough and confidential. HCS Healthcare’s extensive screening, testing, and interview process is uniquely tailored to each candidate. We assess your skills and knowledge, along with your personality and long-range career goals. Because direct placement is our primary focus, we always maintain the strictest standards of confidentiality throughout the entire process. Our unsurpassed track record, pre-screening process, and national database of professionals are just a few of the reasons why clients bring us their employment opportunities first.

Step 1: Connect
You will receive a dedicated career advocate who will learn your career goals and objectives. They will help you explore and discover the career path best suited for you.

Step 2: Getting to know you and your career goals
This is a time for your career advocate to get to know you. Their job is to identify access and assist you on your career search.

Step 3: Tailoring your resume
Your career advocate will help you to ensure you represent yourself and your skill set that is required for each position in which you are applying.

Step 4: Coordinating Client Interviews
After candidates and our career advocate have identified possible matches for employment, we will submit the candidate’s resume for review by our client. Typically our clients will request an interview, or in some cases, ask for the candidate to begin employment right away. Either way, our team will prepare the candidate for what comes next.

Step 5: Interview Feedback
After meeting with a client you will discuss your interest level and desire to move forward. You will also be provided constructive feedback from the client prospective. At this time, we will initiate any pre-hire screenings or verifications required and help prepare you for the next step.

Step 6: Placement
Congratulations! You’re hired! Keep in mind your career advocate will remain an accessible resource and friend for any and all future employment needs.

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