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The healthcare industry is the fastest growing industry for employment and hiring in 2016, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is adding the highest number of jobs of any industry period. With growth being so aggressive, employers are implementing hiring strategies unique to healthcare recruiting. Tactics like reaching out to new graduates before the competition, targeting healthcare-specific social media outlets, and using cutting edge recruiting practices like video interviewing have revolutionized the way healthcare companies bring in new talent.

These are some of the most popular trends for recruiting within the healthcare industry so far in 2016:

Making it to new graduates before the competition. For example, if you’ve had a solid, hardworking intern with your company for the last year or two, you can’t let that experience go to waste, or even worse, the competition. Being prepared with a fast, competitive offer once that individual has graduated is the best way to retain them.

Offer multiple ways for candidates to apply and interview. Even the best, most qualified candidate can become frustrated with a clunky, outdated application process. Give your candidates a quick and easy way to apply when they visit your job posting pages.

Use social media to your advantage. Use social media outlets such as Facebook to recruit for positions like nurses or radiology technicians. Facebook has many niche groups where you’ll be able to find a high concentration of candidates.

With the rapid growth of the healthcare industry, it’s never been more important for employers to be proactive when it comes to landing qualified candidates. These are just a few of the ways in which the healthcare industry is changing job recruiting.

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